Acoustic Test App
to detect COVID-19
as early as possible

Now it is our task to find a smart solution to deal with coronavirus and future viruses.
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    Meet the App

    The sound is the key

    Acoustic signals generated by our mobile phone that allow us to record the result of the wave that connects the ear, nose and mouth, in order to identify organic alterations caused by the virus.

    • Totally Free
    • Connecting mouth, nose and ears
    • Real-time database
    Totally FreeConnecting mouth, nose and earsReal-time database

    Precise functionalities for
    your Covid-19 tests

    Installing the app

    The user receives an anonymity consent, followed by a self-calibration where the phone is configured to obtain the standard measurement of the application. Autocalibration: Holding the phone in the air so that what the speaker sends is received by the microphone, to define the acoustic transfer.

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    Organic Measurement

    Putting the cell phone to the ear, the signal passes from the loudspeaker, to the organic system and finally to the microphone. Thus, the application subtracts the two recorded acoustic signals and saves only the organic measurement, which will be saved and transmitted. This will serve to generate the record.

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    The location identifies the vulnerability of different areas that could represent points of virus spread. Parameters such as temperature, pressure, and air quality are correlated through NASA satellites.

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    Galileo Team

    Scientist & Doctors & Engineers


    Utility and precision against the pandemic

    What makes our application so useful for the fight against Covid-19

    It is essential to have the best tools to prevent a second wave of infected people, TuneVid can be used by government organizations to define health policies and control the sectors where the virus spreads.

    AI Algorithm

    Identify even asymptomatic cases compatible with Covid-19


    Share data and create the map to prevent and detect the next critical points of disease spread


    This model can be implemented for future diseases.

    Metric statistical priority

    MSP: location 10%, Environmental condition 10%, comorbidity 30% and VIAID 50%